What if we are the machines? Humans origins hypothesis

Just got a crazy idea, which I couldn't fit in 140 characters or less, so posting it here.
What if humans are in fact the machines, constructed by a spiritual civilization of old? Just like we're creating robots and trying to enhance them with artificial intelligence, those spiritual beings created life as we know it and enhanced it with artificial model of their intelligence. Here's where our duality comes from: our "software" (spirit, intelligence) share a lot in common with that of our creators, while our "hardware" (physical body) has its own constraints.
What happened to our creators next? Maybe, humans destroyed them; maybe they got extinct by themselves; maybe they are still around watching us.
If we think of it this way, then to say our ancestors are monkeys is exactly the same as to say that intelligent robot's ancestors are toasters or refrigerators: surely, they have something in common, but it's the software what really matters, not the hardware.

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